Abra Lee

“ Through them, I realized that was the way to tell my story - and to tell my truth - to find that intersection of my family culture and horticulture and to acknowledge my family and roots through my work.”

Abra Lee is a horticulturist, writer, educator, and historian. She has held numerous horticultural positions including a fellowship at Longwood Gardens in addition to lead horticulturalist at Atlanta Airport. Her recent work documents the history of African- American women who have shaped the field of horticulture and seeks to break down barriers that continue to prevent Black people from participating in the dicipline. In 2022, she is planning to release a book titled “Conquer the Soil: Black America and the Untold Stories of Our Country's Gardeners, Farmers, and Growers.”
DESCENT  American/African American 
DISCIPLINE Horticulturalist