Agnes Denes

“I’m not accusing only men of having egos because everybody has an ego, but their art was not for the purpose of ecological reasons; it was to expand their art, to have more space. And Smithson, whose work I like very much, he died flying over a field that he was surveying for a drawing in space. My work is about helping humanity. Looking back on my work, I now see that each one of them is trying to help a major problem for humanity and trying to give it a benign solution. Every one of my works, when I’m looking back, becomes some kind of solution, or something to concentrate on. Something to pay attention to and maybe change direction.”

Agnes Denes is a Hungarian-born, American conceptual artist. Her work varies from poetry to writing, drawing, and sculpture. She is widely known for her iconic pieces of land art, which focused on ecology and the environmental threat to decay. The impermanence of her work relinquishes itself from a dollar value and evades appraisal as an article for sale. As it relates to landscape, Denes’ work advances awareness around planetary ecological concerns, yet still maintains hope for future survival.
DESCENT  Hungarian/ American 
DISCIPLINE Conceptual Artist