Diane Jones Allen

“People are claiming their open spaces. And that’s really important to me and that’s why I really love what the mayor of D.C. did when she put Black Lives Matter in the street, and now other cities are doing it. But also claiming their space in the reaction to George Floyd, because basically citizens are saying, we want to take back our communities. We don’t want police running us.”

Diane Jones Allen is a practicing landscape architect in the United States. She received an undergraduate degree in fine art with a focus on painting. After participating in the Design Discovery Program at Harvard Graduate School of Design, Jones Allen pursued a degree in landscape architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. Jones Allen had foundational experiences working with communities in New Orleans that were adversely affected by Hurricane Katrina. Her landscape architecture practice focuses on developing projects that actively engage themes of environmental justice, sustainability, and cultural memory. She is the current program director of landscape architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington.
DESCENT  American/African American 
DISCIPLINE Landscape Architecture