Jenga Mwendo

“I don’t believe in creating gardens just because, or that gardens take precedent over the needs and will of the people. The gardens should be in service to the community, and should be fully utilized and controlled by the community.”

Jenga Mwendo was born and raised in New Orleans and worked as a computer animator in New York City. In the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina, Mwendo left New York and returned to her hometown to repair flood damages to a house she had purchased a few months prior to the storm. Mwendo decided to stay in the neighborhood and invest her efforts in establishing programs around food and gardening to revitilize the neighoborhood. Through this work, Mwendo has helped develop free education programs for her community along with events that promote health, self-reliance, and community cohesion.
DESCENT  American/African American 
DISCIPLINE Architecture/ Community Gardens/ Activism