Kristen Jeffers

“ And of course, the capitalism is such that we live under today, all these different oppressions, but of course, moving to enjoy space" ”

Kristen Jeffers was one of the first people to bring the concept of Black urbanism to the internet and social media in 2010 by purchasing and launching The Black Urbanist, which in its 11th year continues to be a resource for Black urbanism at the intersection of feminism and queer/trans life. She is the author of the forthcoming A Black Urbanist Journey, a memoir/manifesto for Black queer feminist urbanism. She is the creator of the K. Jeffers Index for Black Queer Feminist Urbanism, a guide, measure and data center to assess the thrivance of black queer feminist urbanist people globally and curator of the Black Queer Feminist Urbanist Book Cannon and School. Finally, under the banner of Kristpattern, she shares her own journey into sustainable fashion and invites others to do the same. A sought after public speaker and workshop leader, she makes her home just outside of Washington, DC and never has her hometown of Greensboro, NC far out of her mind.
DESCENT  American/African American 
DISCIPLINE Author / Urbanist