Dr. Lily Song

“ For me, this means using my creative power to accomplice, frontline communities and organizers who are already leading the charge against extractive systems of racial capitalism, hetero patriarchy, and colonialism are coloniality and and you know, also striving to heal communities and Commons and and our planet.”

As of April 2021 Dr. Lily Song is a Lecturer in Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD). Her research and scholarship focus on the relations between urban infrastructure and redevelopment initiatives, sociospatial inequality, and race, class, and gender politics in American cities and other decolonizing contexts. Her work both analyzes and informs infrastructure-based mobilizations and experiments that center the experiences and insights of historically marginalized groups as bases for reparative planning and design. She is founding coordinator of CoDesign, a GSD initiative to strengthen linkages between design pedagogy, research, activism, and practice. She was previously a Provost Fellow at University College London and holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from MIT, where she was an active member of the Community Innovators Lab (CoLab).
DESCENT  Asian American
DISCIPLINE Urban Planner