Mabel Wilson

“ But the trick about the Western episteme, and you see this meticulously analyzed in Foucault’s writings, is that it becomes universal. That’s its trick. It absorbs all other bodies of knowledge and posits that there’s only one body of knowledge and one way of being in the world. Architecture is part and parcel of that – it’s the Western practice of building. I’ve come to the realization that the art of building is part of the formation of the Western episteme. ”

As of 2021, Mabel O. Wilson is a professor at the Columbia GSAPP where she leads multiple initiatives researching African-American architecture and labor politics. She is the founder of a firm titled Studio &. Wilson’s transdisciplinary practice visualizes how anti-black racism shapes the built environment, and how blackness creates spaces of imagination and refusal.
DESCENT  African descent
DISCIPLINE Architectural Historian/Theoretician