Cheng Xuke 程绪珂

“I realized at that time that the problem of the garden was that it was obsessed with pure ornamental and recreation at the expense of ecology.”

Cheng Xuke, born in 1922, graduated from the College of Agriculture at Jinling University in Nanjing, China. In 1973, Cheng participated in the construction of the Shanghai Botanical Garden, and in 1978 she became the first director of the Shanghai Greening Administration. She prepared greening plans for Shanghai Pudong New Area, Songjiang District, Guiyang City, Urumqi, and other cities throughout her career. After her retirement, Cheng served as an advisor to the Municipal Greening Committee, vice president of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, technical advisor to the Science and Technology Committee of the Municipal Construction Committee, expert advisory member of Hangzhou Urban Planning, and professor-level senior engineer.
DESCENT  Chinese
DISCIPLINE Planner/Landscape architect