Elouise Pepion Cobell

“I tried to do the right thing the way that you believe government should work. I really tried to follow the entire process; I went to the administration, I told them the stories, I told them what was happening. But through the years they told many people, ‘Just sue us.’ And, so, we just sued them.”

Eloise Peplon Cobell, also known as Yellow Bird Woman, was a leader in Native banking and community development. She founded the Blackfeet National Bank, which became the twenty-plus tribe Native American Bank, and served as Executive Director for the Native American Community Development Corporation. Cobell was also the plaintiff in Cobell v. Salazar, challenging the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ mismanagement of funds earned on Indian trust lands, and won the largest settlement in U.S. government history.
Montana / Blackfeet
Community Development/Finance