Leona Sparrow

“In terms of working with the university and institutions like universities, schools, or colleges – It has been a mixed bag. A lot of people came into the community and were doing their “research,” but what we found…is that there were no boundaries on what could be taken, what could be discussed, and what was removed…Most often, nothing came back into the community. So we finally said that’s it – no more. That persisted for many, many years."

Leona Sparrow is the Director of Treaty, Lands and Resources for the Musqueam Indian Band and serves as the liaison between the University of British Columbia and the Musqueam. With a background in law and community affairs, she has advised the Allard School of Law on indigenous legal education and the Museum of Anthropology on community-oriented exhibit development.
British Columbia, Canada / Musqueam Band
Law/Community Development