Maria Teresa Parpagliolo Shephard

“I would like to end by saying that whatever this country decides about the use of the land, whoever will be called to deal with it, should remember the words of Brenda Colvin, that nature must be served and not violated because man is part of nature and his own environment, and responsible for the safeguarding of his future existence”

Maria Teresa Parpagliolo Shephard was a self-taught landscape designer in Italy and England. At the age of twenty-five, after starting studies in archaeology, Shephard became interested in garden design. In the 1920s there were no schools in Italy that taught horticulture or landscape architecture, so she studied all the garden literature available to her. A crisis in Italian garden culture had led to many opportunities for Shephard, despite discrimination against women. Her public design work traversed multiple decades and increased awareness of horticultural significance.
DISCIPLINE Landscape and Garden Design