Wang Qiming 王其明

“My student life has never stopped.”

Professor Wang Qiming was born in Beijing in 1929 and graduated from the Department of Construction of Tsinghua University in 1951. Between 1956-1958 she completed her doctoral studies in architectural theory and history under the supervision of Liang Sicheng. She worked as an architect in the Architectural Theory and History Research Office of the Academy of Architectural Sciences of the Ministry of Construction and Engineering of China. She later taught in the Department of Architecture of the Beijing Academy of Construction and Engineering and as an external professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Chinese Architectural History of the Department of Archaeology of Peking University. Her main research interests include Chinese dwellings. Wang is the author of “Zhejiang Dwellings and Beijing Siheyuan”.
DESCENT  Chinese
DISCIPLINE Architect/Historian